George $225,000.00 +

October 10, 2015

I intend this to be a letter of high recommendation.  The reader is welcome to contact me personally to verify everything I say herein.  The story began in the first week of September 2015, and pretty well ended by the first week of October 2015. 

Mr. Doug Keihn first contacted one of my sons in hopes that he could locate me.  Since I am living overseas, I was a little hard to find.  Anyway, my son gave him my email address and Doug contacted me that way.  He told me that he had become aware that I was probably entitled to a substantial amount of money which was being held by a government agency in the States.  My first reaction was “Yeah, right.”

These days I think almost any thinking person would be very skeptical to have a stranger contact them via the internet and say they could make you a lot of money at no charge.  Well, he didn't ask for any personal information, my social security number, credit card number, my mother's maiden name.  Nothing.  And he didn't ask for any money up front.  His proposal was simple.  If he could, with my permission and assistance, obtain the money, he would ask for a reasonable fee for his services.  If he were not successful, I wouldn't owe him anything at all.  I told him I'd think about it.

I checked his company out with the Better Business Bureau.  They showed no complaints at all. I talked to my son about it.  We concluded that it was a completely risk free proposition.  So I authorized Doug to proceed.  That entailed signing a limited power of attorney and a fee agreement.

Once he started working on the project, he gave me frequent updates on progress.  At no time was I left wondering what was happening.

When he was done, he sent me, via a bank to bank wire transfer over $212,000.00.  Was I happy?  Absolutely. Amazed, too.  The money he recovered for me had been sitting unclaimed for approximately four years, and I knew absolutely nothing about it.

I doubt that Doug is successful every time.  And I seriously doubt that he will find that much money lying around waiting for every one.  But if he contacts you and tells you that you may have money coming, PAY ATTENTION!


George R. Eberting

Please feel free to contact me at:

Chester $219,745.05

Johnny & Joan $96,503.34

Beth & Vincent $55,457.78

Cindy's Parents Estate $49,500+

I’m so glad that I answered Doug’s call! A few weeks later we had a nice check in our hands! If it weren’t for Doug, I would never have known of the money that was owed to my  parents’ estate. His fee was worth every penny. 

Cindy Shipley

Argonaut Farms Alpacas

Adolph $34,893.02

Thanks for not giving up on us and being persistent!

Adolph and Minerva, San Antonio TX

Bud & Sharon $31,000.00