Did you have a business that you closed or has been shut down?  Do you believe that you may have had monies that were uncollected?  We specialize in buying "closed" businesses that could have been owed money.  

If you have had a closed business don't be surprised if we call you. At PFA we will purchase your old company that is no longer in business.  After a conversation with the owner and understanding a little about your business and geographical location of operations, we will access our odds of success.  Even if our odds of success are low, we may still be willing to write you a check.      

Often times it is missing documents or a combination of documents that need to be reconstructed.  Sometimes it is a simple matter of just locating the party involved. Others situations involve a combination of both.  

At PFA we can help.  Please contact our offices to discuss your situation and we would be glad to see if we can help.