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We are experts in the asset recovery business and our many years in the Corporate Accounting field gives us an edge to find documents that others miss or are virtually impossible to find.  We spend our days searching through thousands of documents.  Records that you will not find on the internet.  If you happen to be one of the persons or businesses that receive a phone call from us please take a few minutes to review our material.  

Before we ever make a telephone call or send a letter, we have already invested time and resources to assure ourselves that what we found is legitimate and that we can even still access these funds.  We also have legal resources around the country that make the difference in specialized situations.  By the time you hear from us, we know where to look and how to make it happen.

Why do I need to act now?  

Most of the funds that we go after are only available for a very limited time.  After which the funds are permitted to be seized either through the agencies responsible for them or statute of limitations which require timely filings.