Most people that we contact are surprised that we  are contacting them.   Often times, they believe that it is some type of scam.  It is hard to blame that reaction based upon all of the negative "things" that are happening in our world today even right here in our own communities.  

Those that spend a few minutes speaking with us quickly realize that we have quite a bit of information about them and their family and friends.  It becomes obvious that we have spent time to track them down and to get in touch with the right person.  Once in a while, we are missing a few "parts of the puzzle" in order for us to put everything together to put us in front of the correct person.  They may want to know how we got their friends, neighbors or relatives information.  Once in a while, the only way we are able to contact the person is to show up at the place where we believe they may be living.  This may seem unusual, but we are determined to do everything we can to find those we are looking for. Especially in light of the value that we know we bring to our client.  In the end, it is only a last ditch effort to get you to spend a few minutes checking us out.  

We certainly our not going any where and we are easy to find.  Our offices our located in Issaquah Washington just 15 minutes east of downtown Seattle. 

But why can't you just tell me exactly what my situation is regarding if all of what you say is true?

Since we work on a Contingency Fee Agreement for our services, we never require any money from you to pay us upfront. However, we have spent time and resources tracking your situation down.  Hopefully, you can understand that our agreement is usually our only protection.  In all cases, we have already invested time and resources to try and find you. Even more importantly, before that even occurs, we spend an even greater amount of time assuring ourselves that we are certain we have the right person, what we have identified is legitimate and that the funds are even still accessible.  

We are a business and do not have time to waste calling or chasing random people.  In most cases, we are more than willing to show you are evidence once our papers have been signed.

Okay I am convinced, what "papers" do I have to sign?

We have a simple short Contingency Fee Agreement that is designed not only to protect us but to protect you as well. There is generally one other, one page, form that needs to be Notarized.  This is a simple authorization form that allows us to go to work on your behalf.  

Do you need my personal information if I sign up with you?

We never ask you for any personal information or any account related information.  We never ask for social security numbers, banking information or anything along those personal lines.  

But I do not live by your offices, how can I sign the forms?

Since we work all across the country, we can send a Notary to your house or what ever place is most convenient for you.

After you collect the funds, how do I know that I will get paid according to the agreement?

We use an Independent Third Party Trust (Escrow) account established by the Better Business Bureau that receives a copy of our agreement and will disburse the funds in accordance with the agreement.  This gives our clients extra protection.  Funds related to the transaction are held in the BBB security account until the funds are disbursed.